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GOLDDECOR®   -   High Baseboards with style: tradition combined with modernity

We are specialized with great attention to detail in the production of exclusive high baseboards and chair rails of wood.
It is our idea to rediscover the tradition of elegant style of past times and to interpret this in a contemporary way.

A touch of luxury for every room!

Whether in the entrance room, bedroom, or kitchen. GOLDECOR® - baseboards and chair rails create a unique living space with a stylish ambiance.
GOLDECOR® - high baseboards and wall mouldings made of wood are suitable not only for the classic interior style and old buildings, they also go well with modern furniture and homes.

Production with high quality craftsmanship

We produce our products in a small yet superb Berlin carpentry and is not made through mass manufacture. This means you receive an extremely high-quality, hand-worked product. Our baseboards are available in heights of 20 cm, 26 cm and 36 cm - choose your preferred size to make your premises unique.

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